EMTS: Hunters Kit

EMTS: Hunters Kit


1 – Huckleberry Target
1 – 850 Air Rifle w/CO2 adapter and Scope
1 – Tin 250 Pellets
1 – 88gram CO2
6 – 12 gram CO2
1 – Customized - H51- BOYT case

The Hunters Kit comes with the Hammerli 850 air rifle, Huckleberry Target* and enough CO2 and lead pellets to get started.   More CO2, both the large 88 gram and the 12 gram along with more pointed or domed pellets can be bought at most Wall Mart stores.  CO2 will cost you about .02 cents per shoot and the pellets will run about a penny each, which means that 1,000 rounds of shooting practice will cost about $30 dollars.

The reason that we have included the Hammerli 850 air rifle with our EMTS Kits is that after extensive research, this is the air rifle we choose to do our target demonstrations with. After over 60,000 rounds of public and private presentations and consumer input as to the value of this air gun it is now the only air rifle we sell. To transition, sight picture-trigger control and follow through along with the bolt action-auto safety and the overall features of this air gun, to any rim/center fire bolt action rifle is a very easy move. The 850 air rifle comes with scope but also with fully adjustable Fiber Optic iron sights, by removing the two mounting screws that attach the scope rings to the mounting rail the rifle scope is easily removed, and rifle shooting can be done with open sights.

“To me this target would be used more to keep the fun in shooting, and, at the same time develop the skill of shooting.”  Roy Kern – NRA and USA certified shooting coach
*Shipping Costs Include Insurance



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