EMTS: Deluxe Kit

EMTS: Deluxe Kit


1 – Huckleberry Target
1 – 850 Air Rifle w/CO2 adapter and Scope
1 – Beretta -92FS-
1 – Tin 250 pellets
1 – 88gram CO2
6 – 12 gram CO2
1 – Customized - H51- BOYT case

The EMTS Deluxe Kit is a complete firearms training kit with a very good quality air rifle, air pistol and our unique pellet gun target that will help you become proficient with both rifle and hand gun. With this Electronic Marksmanship Training System you can have your own personal shooting range any place that it is safe and legal to shoot an air gun.
The 850 air rifle comes with scope but also with fully adjustable Fiber Optic iron sights. After practicing with rifle iron sights it is an easier transition to become proficient at pistol shooting. This Kit is very valuable for gun safety training, firearms training or just shooting for fun without going to the firing range.

"Rehearsal is the surest way ahead, to consistent, reliable and repeatable performance of safe and proficient marksmanship. Air guns provide the inexpensive means by which shooters of all ages can attain that proficiency, particularly through the use of Huckleberry Targets."
Greg Stube Green Beret, Special Forces (RET)


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