EMTS: Pro Kit

EMTS: Pro Kit


2 – Huckleberry Target
1 – 850 Air Rifle w/CO2 adapter and Scope
1 – Beretta 92FS
1 – Tin 250 pellets
1 – 88gram CO2
6 – 12 gram CO2
1 – Customized - H51- BOYT case
* Pro Kit available without pistol contact us for more information

The Pro Kit comes with a very high quality air rifle, air pistol and two Huckleberry air gun targets for twice the shooting fun and firearms training.   With two targets the combinations of shooting games, weapons training and gun safety drills are all most endless. With gun safety, one of the most important parts of rifle shooting as well as pistol shooting is acquiring sight picture of the correct target.  Having two targets allows shooters to practice moving from one target to another safely and proficiently. 

“I have a Real Time Targets Huckleberry and have been using it extensively. The system is very durable and user friendly. This is a unit that will last several generations when used as directed. The materials are top quality, the design well thought out and it has features to allow future upgrades. I have both guns that can currently be bought in "Kits" (EMTS) with the target and all are top quality. Like the Huckleberry target system, these air guns will stand up to extensive use. I do not hesitate to recommend this as a training aid for new shooters, as a recreational air gun target and a professional quality training device to improve shooting control and accuracy with regular firearms.”
Dennis Brooks--USAF Rescue Retired
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