EMTS Huckleberry Target


  • This Target will work with any lead pellet, air gun up to 20fpe
  • (velocity (750fps) x velocity (750fps) x bullet weight (10.3grains) / 450,400 = 12.86fpe)  
  • Instant results
  • Built in clock or timer
  • Durable (not 100’s or 1,000’s of shots but years of fun and learning)
  • Target comes with two interchangeable bulls-eyes (large 2” – small 1’’) 
  • Runs on three AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Lead pellets ONLY (do not shoot with steel BB’s—lead BB’s work great)
  • Portable and user friendly
The Huckleberry Target is the new innovative way to enjoy the recreational sport of shooting. Whether you are a beginner or an expert shooter, the Huckleberry Electronic Target brings a new experience to shooting sports. Real Time Targets has developed a very unique, high quality air gun target, designed to make shooting fun and understandable.  These electronic reactive targets not only let the shooter know if they hit the bulls-eye but will let them know in which direction they missed all at the speed of light.  Because of the instant feedback of the target you will learn to shoot in less time than you ever thought possible.   Once learning to shoot well, this target, with use of the built-in clock, can help you to make the shot faster and under pressure.  Target shooting can be less than exciting when shooting at paper targets but this target was designed to be fun first because if it’s not fun you will not do it very long.  This target will allow you to have your own shooting range in your back yard or any place that is safe and legal to shoot a pellet gun.


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15x12x8 in